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Dec 23, 2017


Secrets How To Improve Study Skills

Students are always afraid of final exams and tests. Understanding how to improve study skills helps to boost pupils performance on exams that are important, in addition, it helps them to go to an examination with confidence. It helps to ..

Dec 16, 2017


Techniques That Will Help You To Learn New Language

Learning a foreign language is easier when you understand how you learn. The science of learning is based on several theories and include: multiple intelligences, right brain/left brain/whole brain, and brain-based learning. Understanding how you learn new information becomes the ..

Dec 13, 2017


The Best Techniques For Teaching Kids Efficiently

An efficient technique provides teachers a way whilst engaging the hearts and minds of children to develop in depth thinking. Project work presents many opportunities for kids’ thoughts to be valued, their creativity for their learning needs to be met, ..

Dec 7, 2017


The Importance Of Collaborative Studying In eLearning Environment

The growing tendency of integrating eLearning technologies and techniques has been enhanced by the understanding that collaborative learning is the key to success. What’s collaborative learning? Is it comparable to learning? And how can it be integrated to increase the ..